Living Your Best Life – Start Today

//Living Your Best Life – Start Today

What is keeping you from living your BEST life? Do you think that you have to wait for something or someone?

When I was growing up I was always told what I could not do and what I should not even expect to do. I bought into that for far too long. What about you?

I was told that I should not bother going to college. Fortunately, even with many delays and some years later, I did go to college. I became a Registered Nurse – one of the best things I have ever done.  I stumbled into this despite my lack of belief – Yayyyy!

I was told that I could not have children. Bad information actually helped me to become a parent. If I had known I was fertile I would have been trying to delay being a parent. Lucky for me, I did not know better so I became a mother – at age 18. Especially fortunate because five years later I was actually infertile through  medical necessity.

I was told that I was a small town girl destined to live a small town life. Now, don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with small town living. I actually prefer it. But, I have been on 6 continents and to 57 countries. I have lived in cities with millions of people and villages with dozens of people. 

I stumbled into a pretty amazing life. It took me a long time and a very circuitous path. It does not have to be that way for you!

Decide what will make your life BETTER! Pick three things. If you cannot think of anything, look at this list as a starting point. Pick three things that you believe will make your life better:

  • 30 minutes a day of self-reflection or meditation
  • 30 minutes a day of physical activity that increases your heart rate to 120+ BPM
  • 30 minutes a day of reading: self-improvement, relaxation, imagination
  • Drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day
  • Eating a minimum of 5 – 8 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables each day
  • Sleeping for a minimum of 6 hours per day (the goal is 8)
  • Doing yoga, tai chi or other stretching/balance activities 30 minutes twice a week
  • Getting a full body massage once a month
  • Getting a mani/pedi at least once a month (even if you do it yourself)
  • Having a get together with people who make you laugh at least once a month
  • Call someone who was important to you once a week
  • Get a babysitter or a parent sitter for no special reason except to have ME time at least once a month and more often if you can afford it
  • Watch comedies at least once a week
  • Laugh as often as possible – old TV shows are good and is YouTube

Start with one, two or three of these. Incorporate them into you life. You will find that you actually DO HAVE TIME. You have just forgotten how to prioritize YOU in the mix.

Work on having your best life! Start today! Let me know what is working.

Enjoying the beauty of the sea and sky – St Thomas USVI

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