Valda Boyd Ford’s Guide to Living, Laughing and Loving
This is a 40-minute journey into the soul of one of America’s brightest new voices. It’s a primer on using grace and humor to get you through it all, whatever and wherever your ALL may be. Valda Boyd Ford has presented and worked professionally in over 36 countries and over 25 states as an author, executive, nurse, educator, and acclaimed cultural competency and diversity expert. From the refugee camp to the board room — she makes the message relevant for every audience and situation.

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The Paralysis of Political Correctness
Have you ever been afraid to speak for fear you will say the wrong thing? Worse yet have you been afraid that something you said may end your career? Why are we paralyzed by political correctness? What can we do to eliminate that fear? Valda’s thought-provoking and to-the-point presentation identifies and defines the paralysis of political correctness and explores diverse strategies to eliminate or lessen the fear of the unknown that keep us from doing our best in culturally and linguistically awkward situations.

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Don’t Touch the Monk: and Other Stories of Global Faux Pas
Valda Boyd-Ford, a nationally and internationally renowned motivational speaker, has spent more than two decades developing programs and strategies to improve communication. Trying to fit in globally she has made many mistakes, faux pas, gaffes – you name it. Some funny and some downright disastrous! Valda shares the wisdom of her experiences through storytelling, case studies, and personal video clips. She brings a down-to-earth informality to her presentations – making her one of the most intellectually disarming, humorous, and effective presenters on race, ethnicity, privilege, and cultural competency in the nation.

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And so much more…
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