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I have observed her on a panel, as a speaker, as a trainer, as a facilitator, and as a talk show host. In each environment, Ms. Ford brings a unique set of capabilities. On a panel, she can be the academician who is very knowledgeable about the subject area; as a speaker she has the ability to clearly communicate with the audience in a very engaging manner and often humorous manner; as a trainer she is effective in using stories and examples in her teaching and as a talk show host she makes the interviewee comfortable in a non-threatening environment. Ms. Ford is an excellent communicator. She has humor, commitment and exceptional skills to provide presentations to different audiences.

Adi M. Pour, Ph. D., Director
Douglas County (Nebraska) Health Department

Valda Ford is a skilled professional, presenter and trainer of the highest caliber. She has an uncanny ability to immediately engage and captivate audiences with her friendly and warm demeanor. She is able to connect with diverse audiences that range from child to senior citizen, student to researcher and paraprofessional to medical physicians. She is an accomplished storyteller. Her willingness to share allows her audience to journey along, enhancing the overall experience. Each presentation is injected with plenty of humor. Valda’s ability to present fresh information on complex and common subject matter is the foundation of her professionalism.

Catherine Y. Cook
Rapha Counseling and Consulting

Whenever asked to recommend or hire a professional presenter on topics of leadership, public health issues, diversity or cultural competency there is no hesitancy on my part to recommend Valda Ford. She is an enthusiastic and most entertaining presenter. Valda is famous for the flexibility of her delivery, that even if you’ve heard her speak on the topic, no two presentations are ever the same. No matter the topic, Valda commands her audience’s attention as members don’t want to miss a word of what she shares. Valda’s speaking style keeps her audience engaged. She moves effortlessly from serious to humorous and intersperses each presentation with her rich collection of stories. Her ability to paint vivid pictures for the mind is extraordinary and contributes to audience members becoming a part of the presentation.

Freddie Gray
Omaha Public School Board

From the moment Ms. Ford opened her mouth, I was hooked. She is such a vibrant, enthusiastic, and entertaining speaker. It is evident that she is very knowledgeable about her subject matter and that she enjoys sharing it. Ms. Ford has a gift for storytelling. She turned basic facts into interesting anecdotes which helped tell her story. I believe that this wonderful ability to tell a story is what makes her stand out as a speaker. You simply want to listen to her.

Gina Lypaczewski RN, CPN, MSc(A)
Clinical Research Nurse

Valda is an excellent public speaker and has extensive experience presenting to diverse audiences globally and on a variety of topics. She is highly organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people. Her communication skills, both written and verbal are excellent. Valda is also an excellent presenter, who is always easily approachable, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. Attendees that have participated in her sessions have taken away with them a greater knowledge of the topic as well as useful tools that have aided them not only in their recruitment and retention successes for their organizations but also skills and insight that will continue to help them for years to come in their careers. Ms. Ford is warm, caring, polite, and highly competent individual who brings with her a deep knowledge and understanding of the recruiting industry. In summary, I would highly recommend adding Valda to your speaker bureau.

Laura Tremblay
Conference Speaker Coordinator
Kennedy Information, Inc.

I first met Ms. Ford when she spoke at the invitation of my university at a national conference on Social Equity that brought together about 100 national and local leaders to discuss ways to reduce and eliminate disparities in health and justice. The audience included people with national reputations for addressing health disparities as practitioners and as scholars. They had heard it all before. Nevertheless, Ms. Ford had the entire group mesmerized in short order with her commanding presence, her authoritative presentation of the substance of the issues, and her mix of styles—humor, stories, solid use of data. Even the most expert members of the audience felt that Valda had provided a ‘street-level’ sense of what it is like for those outside the system and what can be done to welcome them in. They loved her humor, her charisma, and the content of what she presented. Valda was a huge hit! She is outstanding!

Mary R. Hamilton, Ph.D., CAE
Director of Professional Programs
University of Nebraska at Omaha School of Public Administration

Ms. Ford is a woman of impeccable talent and acquired knowledge. In particular, her life’s journey has enabled her to travel the world and has provided her the opportunity to interact with many cultures along the way. Ironically, she has been able to weave those experiences into a seamless presentation of social candor and relevance. In addition, her ability to develop and implement curricula truly culminates her well-rounded educational background and provides her with an advantage that most orators do not have. With a soothing and engaging speaking style, these unmatched abilities can simply be termed, “The Valda Experience!

Stephen B. Jackson, MPH
Health Program Manager
Nebraska Department Health and Human Service