Sex is not for Sissies

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Sex is something that most of us take for granted. While we are hard-wired to have sex, starting at puberty, there is much we need to know. Unfortunately, as we get older we sometimes fail to get wiser as it relates to intimacy. Part of the problem is simple ignorance – we just don’t know what we don’t know. But there are other considerations as well. Are you one of those people who is getting back into the world of dating and ultimately – sex? If so, there is much you may need to know because these days “what you don’t know can hurt you!”

Remembering How to Live

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A very good friend of mine told me that he had three days off. Being that this friend is a workaholic I was shouting with glee – for a moment, until he said he didn’t know what to do with himself during his time off. Unfortunately he is like so many people I know who are so programmed to work, work, work that they have forgotten how to play, play, play. What about you? When was the last time you found yourself unsure of what to do with your time off?

The Paralysis of Political Correctness

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What makes brilliant people become concerned–to the point of paralysis–about simple common sense issues, just because they involve race, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, religion or physical ability?

Today, we are afraid of workplace- or business-related incidents where a casual comment, remark or question can invoke profound misunderstandings and consequences. People have grown afraid to voice their opinions and communicate honestly. Words are chosen with care and meticulousness that often border on the absurd.

Having said that, I define the paralysis of political correctness (PC) as:

  • The fear that keeps us from communicating in culturally and linguistically awkward situations.
  • The fear of using sensitive words or communications because they might embarrass or hurt the sender or receiver.
  • That tongue-tied, stomach-churning sensation that makes us avoid those employees who may need us the most.

Have you ever been paralyzed by political correctness? What happened? Were you able to recover from the incident or did the PC police issue a life-altering indictment?